Our History

During the 18th century, the Baron de Vaux presided over the estate which is now Château Grand’ Grange, located in the French commune of Le Pérreon (69460). The baron lost control over the property 1789. In 1810, Napoleon Bonaparte granted a close friend the title of Baron de Vauxonne, including the estate. The new owner died some years later in 1837, and his son Emile inherited it. He built the Château Grand' Grange in 1842, using local granite.

He named the estate the Grand' Grange, an allusion to his younger brother, who inherited an estate called "La Petite Grange". Despite family rivalry, an immense barn more than 60 meters long was built. Today, this imposing structure houses our storage tanks and wine barrel shed.

The château and the surrounding land has been handed down from generation to generation. The present owners, Per Hakon Schmidt and Marianne Philip aquired it in 2009. The Danish couple, both lawyers and wine enthusiasts as well as Francophiles, are committted to restoring and maintaining the château. They are continually making improvements to the vineyard and the wine cellar, with one goal in mind : making superior wines!