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Sauvignon Blanc

Very little Sauvignon Blanc is to be found in the Beaujolais region. It is an exception, an enriching experiment. This wine displays varietal aromas typical of Sauvignon grapes harvested at a very ripe stage. Ideal for summer aperatifs, it reveals the aroma of passion fruit, citrus and sometimes even notes of Muscat-like flavor. To be consumed young.



Variety : Sauvignon Blanc

Aging : 100% tank (stainless steel)

Production 1,000 - 2,000 bottles

Storage : 2 - 4 years 


Beaujolais Villages AOP


This wine comes from the Chardonnay grape, which is the only white variety authorized within the perimeter of the appellation.  Fresh and elegant, with a bouquet of pear, pineapple and also white flowers. Toasty hints complete the aromatic palette of our Beaujolais Villages Blanc. This aroma is due to a partial aging in wood, which also contributes to its body and structure.


 Variety : Chardonnay

Aging : 80% tank (stainless steel), 20% barrel

Production  2000 - 3000 bottles

Storage : 2 - 4 years



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Comtés Rhodaniens IGP


The Le Viognier vintage has been a great success for several years. We craft our Viognier to express its varietal aromas, such as peach, apricot and white flowers. This wine goes well with many types of food/wine combinations. It may be served as an aperatif alone, but it is also wonderful accompanied with fish or goat cheese. To be enjoyed young.



Variety : Viognier

Aging : 90%  tank (stainless steel), 10 % barrel

Production 2,000 – 3,000 bottles

Storage : 2 - 4 years